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    Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)
     The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) guides how OUSD utilizes funding from the Local Control Funding Formula and other sources to meet the goals for all students, to better serve high-need students, and to reduce class sizes for grades K to 3.  
    Grounded in our vision for student success, we engage students, parents, staff, and the wider community to develop goals, actions, and measures of progress for all student groups in the eight state priority areas.
    Parents, caregivers, students, and community members can collaborate with staff in developing the LCAP and evaluating its impact through participation in the following advisory and collaborative bodies:
    • LCAP Parent and Student Advisory Committee (LCAP PSAC)
    • District English Language Learners' Sub-Committee (DELLS)
    • Foster Youth Advisory Committee (FYAC)
    • Community Advisory Committee for Special Education (CAC)
    • Partnership with Community-Based Organizations for the LCAP


    The cycles of inquiry undertaken by these advisory bodies are integrated in the community review of the entire LCAP that occurs in May and June of each year.


    We encourage you to participate in the LCAP process by attending meetings and to stay informed by subscribing to receive LCAP updates.


    Click to access the full draft of the OUSD 2019-20 LCAP.



    1. Students are College and Career Ready
    2. Students are Proficient in the State Academic Standards & Next Generation Science Standards
    3. Students are Reading At or Above Grade Level
    4. Students are Reaching English Fluency
    5. Students are Engaged in School Every Day
    6. Parents and Families are Engaged in School Activities



      Flyer for the 4/23/20 Meeting of the LCAP Parent & Student Advisory Committee



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