• Welcome三多棋牌 to Accounts Payable

    三多棋牌OUSD The Accounts Payable Team manages the payments of District expenses, such as:

    • Utilities
    • Purchase orders
    • Consultant services
    • Employee reimbursements

    In addition, Accounts Payable supports schools and central office departments with payment needs and processing payments so they meet state and federal requirements and policies.

  • 510-879-0757 - PH
    510-879-0227 - FAX
    8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Monday - Friday

Account Managers (assigned by name of account)

Name Vendor Group 三多棋牌Phone Email
Sue (Suchan) Kuang A-D 510-879-0831 suchan.kuang@ousd.org
Renee Bell E-F and H-M 510-879-0803 renee.bell@ousd.org
Lily Giang G and N-R 510-879-0829 lily.giang@ousd.org
Cynthia Flowers S - Z 510-879-0809 cynthia.flowers@ousd.org
Vanessa Brooks Supervisor, Accounts Payable Office 510-879-0757 vanessa.brooks@ousd.org