• Building a Better OUSD

    Fremont High School - New Construction

    三多棋牌Fremont rendering

    The goal of new construction at Fremont is to improve the overall academic and student life experience on campus. The overall plan is for the campus to accommodate 1,200 students.


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    Glenview School Project
    三多棋牌Architect Rendering: Glenview School
    The Glenview Plan promises a first-class educational facility that retains aesthetic features valued by members of the community.
    The Center: Central Kitchen, Instructional Farm, and Education Center
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    The 43,000 square-foot, one-acre central kitchen, instructional farm and education center in West Oakland aims to give kids the healthy food they deserve. This hands-on experience with food production and preparation will give our students opportunities to learn, grow and thrive.
    Madison Park Business & Art Academy Expansion 
    三多棋牌Graphic: Madison Park Business & Art Academy Expansion
    MPA is expanding its Business & Art Academy (MPA) program from serving grades 9 and 10 to serving grades 9 through 12.
    McClymonds High School - Intensive Support School Initiative Projects
    三多棋牌McClymonds High School's Improved Libary
    To improve the classroom experience at McClymonds High School, OUSD’s Facilities and Planning Division has devoted $4,000,000 to key infrastructure upgrades since 2016.
    Emerson Elementary Softball Field 
    三多棋牌Emerson Softball Field
    A new girls softball field will be constructed at Emerson Elementary. This will include fencing, score board, batting cage, and bull pens. In addition, there will be new asphalt, basketball courts, and play structures outside the field.